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Earn Extra Income Through Online Part Time Jobs from Home

Today, a common practice is noticed among the individual professionals across the world. In every country, the professionals are looking for online part time jobs from home. As per the recent report, in America almost 57 million workforces have already transformed into freelancers. Researchers have predicted that this number would mount further in the years to come.

There are more than 100 freelance sites available in the present date. Out of them Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, PeoplePerHour has become very popular. The sites offer various types of freelancing jobs depending upon their expertise.

Though the sites have opened immense job prospects for the freelancers worldwide, yet it cannot be denied that there is a huge competition among the freelancers competing for the projects on these platforms. Often, as a result of this, the local freelancers fail to find freelance jobs online. They had to compete with the outside bidders on these portals. And this generally restricts the local freelancers of various countries to obtain jobs through such portals.

For a long time, the Estonian freelancers were also facing similar issues. They are unable to earn extra income through the freelance jobs since the competition is too high. Even they need to bear with the overseas costs of project bids.

How Flance is different from the Guru and Upwork?

Flance, is a premium Estonian based freelance platform that is developed to allow the Estonian businesses and freelancers to find each other right under one umbrella. One of the major objectives behind the development of this portal is to help Estonian freelancers to find online part time jobs from home.

Now, the freelancers do not have to compete with the bidders from the extreme of Estonia. The freelancers neither had to pay overseas costs of project bids nor had to compete with the bidders, bidding on the projects from various parts of the world.

Infact, Flance is solely a freelance online platform that provides the best job opportunities for the freelancers within Estonia. Massive job openings are available for the freelancers on Flance.

Have a Glance at the Job Categories

  • IT/Programming
  • Education
  • Construction/Repair
  • Beauty/Healthcare
  • Logistics/Business
  • Entertainment/Event
  • Cleaning/Disposal
  • Home/Interests

The Estonian freelance professionals hence will be able to find online part time jobs from home with ease. No need to compete with the bidders from the outside of the Estonia. They can create their profile with zero payment and then bid on unlimited numbers of projects.

Vice versa, the Estonian businesses can use this portal to find local and trustworthy freelancers for completion of their projects. They need to only put the location in the search button and within minutes the freelancers of all the closest locations will pop-up.

The businesses/service providers can post up their projects for free. There is no limit to the numbers of projects. An employer can post infinite numbers of projects. They can browse profiles and select the most preferred one that suits their criteria.

So, the portal will help both the Estonian best businesses and freelance professionals to stay connected, work together to meet individual needs and build networks.

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